Baxter Classic Leather Collar - Black


Classic  (clas·sic  ) adj.
a. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
b. Serving as the established model or standard.
c. Formal, refined, and restrained in style.

Elegant and subtle in appearance; the classic Baxter collar will stand the test of time. Guaranteed to get better with age, like any classic should. 
The collar is made double faced of full-grain chrome leather; the highest quality leather used for equestrian wear, and finished with brass accents that complement it perfectly.

The Baxter collar teams perfectly with our Otis adjustable leash and our Archie leash.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • XS Neck Size 29 - 35cm, Width 12mm 
  • S Neck Size 34 - 42cm, Width 16mm
  • M Neck Size 39 - 47cm, Width 20mm
  • L Neck Size 45 - 57cm, Width 25mm

Need help with sizing? consult our sizing guide.

Each collar comes with our signature Nice Digs charm.